Welcoming our 2019-2020 Envoy team

Welcoming our 2019-2020 Envoy team. Mobile Image

Jul 27, 2019

Our Envoy team has been selected and we are excited to share them with YOU!! 


The school year is approaching and 23 new girls are now here to represent K-Town Couture. These girls will be modeling homecoming, winter formal, and prom dresses while also promoting the store by posting their professional pictures on their Instagrams and Facebooks. Along with those duties, they will be assisting in the store on weekends during prom season to help customers find the perfect dress.


Once school dances come around, make sure to contact your local envoy because each girl will have a limited number of discount cards to give out. Also, stay tuned for pictures from our homecoming and prom photo shoots. 


Meet all of our envoys by visiting our envoy lookbook found on this website. 


Envoys pictured from left to right: Ellie Guthard, Venessa Frost, Mkya Ellis, Ryanna Jackson, Kaycee Campbell (author of this blog), and last but not least Keely Weise.